mysterium 3


Mysterium (Latin) 'secret rite, secret worship; a sacrament, a secret thing.' 


I cannot take you where I have been, cannot show you my own mysteries. I am only what I believe.

This body of work is a three-fold act of devotion, and uses that vocational nature to tackle the traumas of growing up as a questioning Catholic in the "Bible Belt" and the residual feelings of that time.

The trinity is as follows:

Mystery of Forgiveness, 2019

Stained glass mirror sponsored by West Dean College of Arts and Conservation

Mystery of Silence, 2019 Gold hand reliquary with whispered sound piece (below)

Theo Fennel "Best Object" award

Mystery of Worship, 2019

Antique prayer kneeler and hassock made from priest's vestaments

Mystery of Silence/Her Sacred Spirit Soars